XClan 20 Year Anniversary

In the early 1990s Hip Hop Culture gave birth to the original messenger group; X Clan. The original 4 members were Professor X, the Overseer, Brother J, the Grand Verbalizer, The Architect Paradise and Sugar Shaft “The Rhythm Provider”. This group demonstrates a unique chemistry of Hip Hop artistry, production and social movement development for youth and Elders pressured by social injustice.

Influenced by Icons like Bob Marley, Sun Ra and George Clinton, X Clan chose the Path of messenger group. X clan introduced a signature sound and image reflecting the ancestors of indigenous cultures to Eldership of today. X Clan was introduced to the music mainstream by 4th and Bway/Island records.

Their debut album was “To the East Blackwards”. This album became a Hip Hop classic opening the doors for national and worldwide music charts, video shows, magazine covers and awards in the grassroots community and the music industry. Regardless of the publicity and mainstream acceptance, X Clan has always held true to their mission to channel intelligence and inspiration through Hip Hop Music.

After producing one more album with Island/Polydor (1991) Xodus, X Clan disbanded as a production team. In 1994, Brother J would plant the seeds of expansion with the Dark Sun Riders album “the Seeds of Evolution”. After the death of Sugar Shaft in 1994 and Professor X in 2006, Brother J revealed the fruits of the expansion; The X Clan Millennium Cipher.

The Millennium Cipher bridges the two generations of X Clan, members include the existing original members of Brother J and Architect Paradise along with Master China, Ultraman Ra Hanna, Kumu M. Haynes and Mighty Sheikh Muhammed in the council. Our production teams include dj Fat Jack, Phoenix
Orion, Zulu Butterfly Priest, dj JFX, dj Orator, Jah Orah. Our cipher continues to grow as the need for conscious music and production are requested.

X Clan has successfully evolved the Blackwatch Movement, founded by Lumumba Carson, from a social/political movement to a culture united information alliance. Evolving the One Hood movement (founded by Claude Gray) from a community service team to a community program network; Brother J has expanded the signature sound and lyrics of X Clan into education tools that he can perform in a Hip Hop showcase or in a lecture forum. Brother J and X Clan are living proof that conscious music has its place in the commercial and independent market.

Since their official return in 2006 X Clan has done 6 national tours with Damian Marley, Public Enemy, Jurrasic 5, Insane Clown Posse, Tech 9 and Kottonmouth Kings. In addition, 2 major albums have been released: Return from Mecca (2007) and Mainstream Outlawz (2009). Both of which were released through Suburban Noize Records. X Clan shows its diversity and wide appeal by recording with commercial and underground lyricists such as Bun B, KRS -1, Supanatural, Medusa, Papa Roach, Stephen Marley, Christian Scott and more.

In observance of X Clan’s 20th anniversary the group is scheduling special events and recordings that will open doors for conscious musicians and productions. Brother J has teamed up with legendary producer Mad Lib and Stones Throw Records for an underground Hip Hop Salute to X Clan. The Architect Paradise is providing footage and photos for a memoir book based on the life and times of the X Clan. X Clan is preparing a DVD and a reunion project named “The Vanglorians” which will bring the audience up to speed with the other Blackwatch messengers and members from the golden era of the 1990’s. X Clan is also embracing the digital age with digital downloads produced by Jungle Riddim Records in the genres of Dub Step and Reggae music.

In 2009, Brother J joined the Sacred Order of the Sons of Ra (www.sons-of-ra.org), a spiritual order based on Afrikan principles and knowledge. The Presiding Priest of the Order, Calvin Kennedy, along with Orland Bishop, founder of ShadeTree Multicultural Foundation (www.shadetreefoundation.org), are assisting X Clan in building The Khemetic University of Hip Hop Culture, which is a development circle for the next messengers who embrace Hip Hop as their tool and rites of passage. Our premier project for 2010 is the Karast Maat Album celebrating the union of the X Clan and the Sacred Order of the Sons of Ra; it is the soundtrack to a winter celebration and ritual hosted by the Sacred Order called the Karast Maat Kwanzaa.

This Album is a world music project based on the principles of balance, harmony, order where the example is provided through the holiday gathering, ritual and celebration.

“Our music is the vibration of liberation; our goal is freedom for cultural expression. In the words of our brother-in-arms and mentor Professor X, this is protected by the Red, the Black and the Green with a key.”

~ Brother J / X Clan


Albums Released by X Clan

To the East Blackwards (1990)

Xodus (1991)

Return from Mecca (2007)

Mainstream Outlawz (2009)

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